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A Letter From Our Pastors

We are thrilled to write to you today about an amazing opportunity we believe God has brought to Community of Hope. Starting this April, we will have a local Latino congregation join our church to become Community of Hope Español! We will become one church, in two locations and now, in two languages!

Several years ago, Pastor Efraín Silva, a wonderful man of God, reached out to Pastor Dale to begin conversations about the potential of his congregation merging with us to become one church. In discussion and prayer with our Lead Team, we have always felt a warm sense that the Holy Spirit was in this opportunity, but we have never had the space necessary to capitalize on it. That was all before God orchestrated our merger with the East Campus.

A few months ago, Pastor Efraín reached out again to Pastor Dale to inquire if there was any possibility of a merger in this new season. We met many times with the staff and leadership of both congregations, similar to our process when merging with the East Campus. After much prayer, many conversations, and amazing confirmations, we believe this is orchestrated by God.

Different from many churches approach, we dream of a special multicultural church model. We dream of services happening in English and Spanish at the same time with the same vision, values, and even the same sermon series. One family can arrive together then attend the service where they can worship in their heart language Spanish or English...and still go home together able to share the same experience. To our knowledge, there are not any other churches in our tradition practicing such an innovative model.

The first Sunday our new Latino brothers and sisters will join us is Sunday, April 7th in the Fellowship Hall. The first several weeks of transitioning over will be about simple acclimation. We will not officially debut Community of Hope Español until sometime after Easter.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may answer any inquiries you have at this time. As always, we will look for opportunities to share more information and answer any questions you may have in the near future. Otherwise, please feel free to reach out to the church office.

Finally, according to the latest demographic data and software available, the population within a 10-minute drive in any direction of the East Campus is nearly 50% Latino. It would break our hearts if our presentation of the hope found in Jesus Christ was not available to half of the neighborhood! For the sake of the Great Commission, we could not be more excited to welcome this congregation into our family, so that we may “interest disinterested people in Jesus Christ and grow together into fully devoted followers of Him.”

Warmly in Christ,
Pastors Dale & Trevor

FAQ Concerning Community of Hope Español