Thanks for following the Communications Process!

Please note that all requests are just that; a request! The Communications team takes each request into careful consideration and it is our mission to ensure that each request is executed in a way that best honors our church, our team, our community and our Lord.

  • All Requests in by Noon - Choose the available time slot for meeting with the Communications Coordinator
  • Prep work begins for the weekend, Connect Folders are made, and all requests/meeting times are finalized
  • Meetings are scheduled with comms team OR blue sky is scheduled for events
  • Announcements are live in Planning Center in the afternoon

*Note: 1 member of every department that the event effects must be present at blue sky.

Communications Coordinator Schedule: Tuesday (730a-5p) East Campus | Wednesday (730a-5p) West Campus | Friday (8a-1p) Remote
Feel free to text, call or email outside the above hours with any questions!