Special Friends Meet-Up

First Saturday of every month from 6-7:05pm | West Campus

Community of Hope invites people ages 14 & up with special needs to join us for 20-25 minutes of music in our regular worship service followed by special activities designed just for you! Parent or guardian must remain in the building throughout the event and pick up by 7:15pm.

3 Comments on “Special Friends Meet-Up”

    1. Hey Doreen, Special Friends meets every first Saturday of the month, so this Saturday (Nov. 2) would be it!

  1. Been taking my special needs young adult for a while (11 months now). Right after we met Karen today, we were intercepted by two very large men with ear pieces basically telling us to get our child under control, or maybe leave. My son, was hopping around the back of the church, before service, because he is always happy going to church has never “ran over a child” nor was he anywhere close to other children. Do we need to have our special needs child placed in a separate area, or is he allowed to worship like the rest of us. I searched for a church for a while, I highly doubt the four of us will be back. Try asking a question next time before you assume a child is just trouble.

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