Sermon by Dr. E. Dale Locke
Sermon Series: Circles: Relationships Matter – Week 4- “The Question Behind the Question”
  1. Tell about an experience – perhaps from your childhood – when you can see the truth of what the Apostle Paul states in 1 Corinthians 15:33: “Bad company corrupts good character.”
  1. Why isn’t Facebook and other social media enough when it comes to having the kind of community we need to go through life with wholeness?
  1. What do we mean by Community of Hope’s 6th core value: “In Christ, we are free to be ourselves”?
  1. Read John 5:1-15
  1. Why do you think Jesus asked the man if he wanted to get well (v.6)? (Isn’t the answer obviously “yes”?)
  1. What does the man’s response to Jesus reveal?
  1. What attitudes and behaviors tend to develop in a person who has lived with an area of brokenness for a long time?
  1. What do you notice about how Jesus deals with this man (see v. 8 and v.14)? What do you learn about Jesus here?
  1. How would you describe the value system and priorities of “the Jews” mentioned in verse 10?
  1. How does Jesus’ value system differ from theirs?
  1. Pastor Dale said that Jesus’ miracle of healing can only happen in my life when my will cooperates with God’s power. Explain what Dale meant by that.
  1. What are some reasons why a person might choose not to attend an “Empower Group” even though they sense deep down that it is what they need?
  1. Is there an area of brokenness in your own life that you have given up on getting healing for? If so, what do you sense God saying to you through Pastor Dale’s message?

2 Comments on “09-06-15”

  1. This was my first week at Community of Hope and the sermon really packed a punch for me. I have been “stuck” for a long time. Like the man on the mat. I really want to do what I need to do to get over my past and move forward to have a better life. I want to grow stronger in my faith, be a better person and make healthy friendships. I am going to make an effort and come to church, become involved and join a couple of groups. I wish there was a way to see the sermon again..but I will re-read and pray on the passages on here that were preached on in church and ponder the questions…

    1. Hi Lorraine! So glad to hear Pastor Dale’s message spoke deeply to you. There are ways to see the sermon again for sure! We podcast the audio of every message as well as post the video of each sermon. You can go to communityofhope.church/sermons for links to follow. We are behind this week because of a staffing transition but should be good to go from here on out. Blessings!

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