It’s Time to Renew

On Sunday, Dec. 23 & Monday, Dec. 24, we have a unique opportunity to impact our community and our world in a fantastic way. As we have been talking now for several months, we will be given the privilege of investing in God’s Kingdom in a way that has the potential to impact thousands of lives in Palm Beach County.

On this important weekend, I am asking each of us to do two things:

  1. Bring a one-time special gift, above and beyond your regular weekly giving to God’s work through Community of Hope.
  2. Bring your filled out Commitment Card indicating what you are willing to do over the next three years to support our RENEW initiative.

I hope everyone will choose to joyfully participate in this important moment for our East Campus. Our goal is to renew and complete the vision that was given to this campus so many years ago. The best is still in front of us! Remember, everyone’s capacity to give is not the same, but each and every gift is vitally important.

Dr. E. Dale Locke
Founding & Lead Pastor
Community of Hope UMC

Should you have a question that is not covered on this page, please feel free to call the church office at 561-753-8883, or email your question to [email protected].

What is Renew?

Renew is the name of a new three-year Financial Resource Initiative where our pastors and church leadership are asking every person and family on our East Campus to give an additional amount to our church above and beyond their regular weekly giving to raise the additional capital needed to bring our East Campus on-line with what God is calling us toward in reaching West Palm Beach with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

When does Renew start?

Renew will begin officially on Sunday, December 23rd, when we are asking every person and family on our East Campus to bring a one-time financial gift for Renew and their pledge card indicating what they have decided to give to this initiative over the next three years. We will present both the one-time gift, and the pledge card on the altar at the East Campus during our 10:30am morning service on December 23rd and our Christmas Candlelight service on December 24th at 6:00pm.

Is Renew a new idea?

No. When we took our initial steps into becoming “one church in two locations”, Pastor Dale shared at the first Q&A meeting before we voted to become a campus of Community of Hope that we would reach the need to raise additional resources to supplement a budget necessary to become a vibrant church in the heart of West Palm Beach. This was also discussed across the last year and half at our monthly “Transitional Update Meetings” hosted by Pastor Dale.

Why do we need to do Renew?

There are two answers to this question.

    1. Currently, our East Campus is not reaching the needed budgetary amount each week necessary to fully staff our church for growth. Currently, we’re averaging around $13,500 a week in tithes and offering income. In order for us to be able to add the needed pastor to our staff, pay our Conference requirements, and finish our building repairs and updates, we estimate our weekly giving needs to approach $20,000. This makes our annual shortfall to be at or near $312,000.
    2. Over this past Spring and Summer, we had several unforeseen expenses on our East Campus that our West Campus accounts paid for. One goal with Renew is to reimburse these unforeseen expenses. (An example of this is the near $300,000 dollars in air conditioning repairs and replacements.)
Why is Renew only an East Campus Initiative?

Over the Spring and Summer at our monthly Transitional Update Meetings, Pastor Dale shared with our East Campus the need to do a specific resource initiative for the challenges and budget for our East Campus. At that time, our West Campus was beginning their last year of a resource initiative called Next. When we became one church in two locations, we did not ask East Campus partners to give to our Next Campaign. Similarly, in this initiative, we will not ask our West Campus partners to contribute to Renew.

Additionally, we anticipate moving our West Campus into its next resource initiative in 2019 as we work on our next steps of development on this campus. And so, conceivably both campuses will be involved in campus-specific financial initiatives to support the ministries taking place at each location.

Specifically, what will Renew’s resources be used for?

This is a great question. Specifically, we are hoping to raise resources in this initiative to do the following things:

  1. Support the expense of additional staff the East Campus needs.
    • We are in a hold pattern of hiring a needed additional pastor on our team.
    • We anticipate the coming need to move our Children and Student directors to full-time status.
    • A full-time office Administrator.
  2. Continued improvement on our facilities.
    • The Chapel area (Shepherd’s Chapel) is in desperate need of repairs and upgrades.
    • The Fellowship Hall is also in need of deep repairs and upgrades.
  3. The West Campus under-wrote the capital expense for the unforeseen expense of new air conditioners for the East Campus. This expense alone comes close to $300,000, and we’d like to reimburse these expenses.
  4. We’d like to pay down the loan we took for some of the initial repairs and upgrades made on our East Campus facilities.
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