We are pleased to announce plans to increase the worship space we currently have.  This carefully planned option will allow us to increase our weekend worship space in our most well attended services, (9 and 10:30) with seating space of between 100-250 seats per service, without incurring any additional debt.  Additionally, plans are currently being discussed to add additional lobby space to accommodate the weekend crowds.


2014 saw a lot of incredible growth take place in our church.   In order to stay ahead of this blessing, and to accommodate what God is doing, the leadership of our church engaged in a consultation relationship with the very reputable and wise Church Strategist and Growth Consultant, Tony Morgan of The Unstuck Group!  This strategic relationship proved important in several key areas of our development, and as such Tony and the group helped our staff and leadership better understand how to position our church for future growth.  Several key decisions were made regarding the required additional staff positions needed, and how the church is critically understaffed for the current growth it is experiencing.  Our NEXT initiative will provide the resources to address these concerns and better position our church for the future.


From our beginning days, Community of Hope has been engaged in working with the poor and struggling in Palm Beach County.  Compassion has been so important that we even include it in our statement of faith.  We have taken to heart Jesus’ observation that “whenever we do unto the least of these, we have done unto Him.”  As our church has grown so has our vision to increase our ministry in this year.  Last year, as a part of our “Light the World” Christmas offering, we took a significant step of faith by placing a portable building on our property as in initial step in increasing our ministry to the poor in this area.  The NEXT initiative will help provide the resources to take the next step to grow this ministry, and see our vision in this area become a reality.


Another key part of the NEXT initiative involves moving the remaining mortgage from the Operating Budget.  Our last financial initiative “God’s Time, Our Moment,” undertaken in 2008, had as a goal raising the necessary capital to move us through the construction phase and the first few years of ministry in our building.  Over this time, we have assumed 50% of the mortgage into our Operating Account.  Now is the time to act upon what we committed to in 2008, to raise the capital to fund the remaining mortgage without using operating funds, so that we can free more resources for ministry to people.



  Pray about your participation in NEXT.

  Make a decision to participate in Commitment Weekend 

Victory Goal:  $1 Million
Miracle Goal:  $1.2 Million

Commitment Sunday MAY 3, 2015

Dale-&-Beth-CroppedDear Friends of Hope,

This year begins the 19th year of Community of Hope church.  And over the past 19 years, God has been establishing a beautiful and vibrant expression of His church in mid-western Palm Beach County.  The desire for a new and different kind of church committed to “interesting dis-interested people in Jesus Christ and growing into fully-devoted followers of Him” has become a reality.  And since moving into our first building, our church has tripled in weekend attendance, seen weekly small group attendance that is one of the largest in the nation for our size, and has recently led our church to be named one of the fastest-growing churches in our State.  And in so many ways, we feel we’re only getting started!

Great things have been accomplished for God in our history, and even greater things seem just around the corner.  Therefore, the question becomes, “What’s Next?”   And so, in this season of record attendance, growth, and momentum, the leadership of our church has decided to take us into an initiative to help us both discover, and position ourselves for what God has in store NEXT for our church. Our goal in this initiative will be to provide the church with the necessary resources to make room for additional people, taking some of our key ministries to the next level, and creating the necessary margin in our budget to accommodate all that is happening in our church.

NEXT is about…

♦  The next seat to accommodate our fast growing church

♦  The next person coming to personal faith in Jesus Christ

♦  The next baptism

♦  The next family

♦  The next ministry God is calling us to

♦  The next risk God is asking us to make

Are you ready for what’s NEXT?

I’m ready,


Pastor E. Dale Locke

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