Kids of Hope

We with parents to provide a loving, Biblical foundation for children ages birth to sixth grade. Kids of Hope volunteers love children and provide special programs for them every Sunday. Large group and small group activities help them grow in their faith. Students are encouraged to participate in mission-focused activities, Bible memory, group praise and worship, and interactive Bible lessons.

The Nest is a loving place where your children will receive quality care by devoted adults. All of the adults are screened with a background check to ensure your child’s safety.

Check-In for The Nest is at the north entrance of the building.  Please check your child in and walk them to their room. They will be checked out from the same room you dropped them off.

Parents can enjoy the service knowing that we can reach them if necessary. When you check your little one into The Nest, you will receive a number. If it is necessary to have you return to check on your child, your number will flash on the screen.

Nursing Moms – A Quiet Room is available for you at the back of the auditorium, complete with screened area and rocking chair so that you can nurse in privacy and still enjoy the service. 

Kids of Hope partners with families to lead kids into a genuine, life-changing relationship with Jesus!

  • Promotion to new classes
    Classes begin and end on Promotion Day, typically the weekend of Memorial Day. Children are placed in classes by birth date or current grade level and remain there all year, regardless of their turning a year older. This helps maintain consistency in classes. Nursery and toddler children move up as they develop but move into the Kindergarten class on Promotion Day.

  • Sickness Policy
    In order to keep all of our children healthy and happy, we ask that you please let children stay home if they have a fever greater than 99.0 or any contagious illness. To maintain healthy rooms, our volunteers are instructed not to admit sick children.
  • Security Procedures
    At check-in, parents and their Nursery through Pre-School children will receive matching ID cards with the child’s name, picture, and an emergency number. The parent will take one ID card and the other will be attached either to the child’s diaper bag (Nursery) or child (Pre-School). At check-out, children will only be released to parents who show the corresponding ID card.
  • Emergency Procedures
    All classrooms are equipped with a first aid kit. If a situation arises where you are needed, your child’s ID card number will flash in red on the bottom of the screen in the sanctuary. If you see your child’s number appear, please go directly to your child’s classroom. If an emergency arises that is beyond our ability to treat, 911 will be called immediately.