Gleaning is the harvesting of surplus crops from area farms to feed families through CROS Ministries.  It’s a fun way to serve God together as a family or small group. Children are welcome but must be at least 5 years old. Kids aged 5 to 11 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times. All COH gleaners are asked to meet at the church before each project to do a quick briefing on locale and the crop of the day and to form carpooling groups. To sign up yourself, your family, or your small group, click the link at the bottom of the page.

Gleaning dates for 2018-19:

(always Saturdays from 8:15am-12:30pm)

  • November 10, 2018
  • February 9, 2019
  • April 6, 2019
Helpful tips CROS Ministries has for all new and returning gleaners:
  1. It is often good to dress in layers. In the morning it is likely to be cold and damp, wearing a log sleeve shirt and long pants are recommended. As it gets warmer another layer of shorts and short sleeve shirt may be better.
  1. In cornfields and orchards, long sleeve shirts and pants are needed. Leaves from the corn stalks are sharp and can cut the skin. Mangoes are also a member of the poison ivy family, long sleeves and pants help protect against contact with the sap.
  1. It is recommended that all gleaners wear gloves and hats in the field, apply sunscreen and have bug spray handy in case insects are an issue.
  1. Bathroom facilities are unavailable in most gleaning fields; so we advise using the bathroom prior to coming to the field.
  1. A three to five gallon pail with a handle is an excellent container to carry through the field. Fill it and empty it into the packing box or bin.

If you are physically unable to participate but would like to help, you can donate some snacks for gleaners or offer to drive a carpool!

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8 Comments on “Gleaning”

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    1. Hi Regina,
      Thanks for your interest in serving the needy in our area through gleaning! It’s a cool way to serve God! I’ve forwarded your contact information to Rob Brockelbank, who leads this ministry, so that he will include you on email notifications about gleaning. In January or February, we hope to have a larger group from COH go gleaning together – so watch for that information in your connect folder or sign up for missions news on our website.

  2. Good Morning, I would like to register for gleaning , however, the application form has expired and the web site will not let me sign up….please help, thank you.

  3. Good Morning Eric, I am signed up to glean for May 20th. I am unsure of what time to be at the church in the morning and I was also curious if we know what we will be gleaning the time?

    1. Hey there,

      As the page says, we start at 8:15 am and we ask all our gleaners to meet at the church first. If you would like to drive directly to the gleaning site you are welcome to do that. We don’t find out the gleaning site until a few days before the project. If you have anymore questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

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