Monthly Food Drive

General Information

Our church-wide food drive is on the first weekend of every month. Food is collected at each service at the North Entrance. Suggested items are cereal, granola bars, pancake mix, soups, packaged dinners, peanut butter, jelly, canned meats, veggies, and beans or fruit. If you are interested in donating food items, one of the easiest ways you can assemble your donation is buying extra food when you do your regular grocery shopping.

Collection Volunteer Opportunity

We are looking to add more volunteers to help with our Monthly Food Drive! As the Food Pantry continues to grow, we need help keeping it organized and well stocked. We are looking for volunteers to help during each service on Food Drive Weekends to man the collection table, bring food to the pantry, and to sort/stock at the pantry. It’s a great way to serve as a family or small group once a month at church!

We hope to have 2 to 5 people during each service and it only takes 30 to 45 minutes! We ask that volunteers arrive 10 minutes before each service but once the food is sorted and stocked, you’re free to go. If you, your family, or your small group are interested in volunteering, click the link below.


17 Comments on “Monthly Food Drive”

  1. What time does the rice distribution take place on The Sunday Morning distribution? Thank you

  2. Do you need help during the week in the food pantry? I’m available and would like to volunteer if you need help!

    1. Hi Richie,
      I will forward your info to Stacey since she is in charge of the food pantry. Thanks!

  3. Will there be the food distribution this Friday 11/13? If so, do you offer community service hours. We have a boy scout that needs hours and thought this would be a good way to help. Pleasee advise hours and how we sign up.

    Thank you.

  4. I see you need some help on Thursday to sort the food. What time do you start?

    Would like to lend a hand.


  5. Carol kuhney
    I generally helo in the meat room but i will no longer be able to help. Having sone issues with balance and have to be careful with falling.. Will continue to support as I can

  6. What time should someone in need come on Friday 8/12? I know she has to be there before 5 pm but how early can she come?

  7. Hi. Are you still doing the 2nd Thursday and Friday Food Pantry or has this changed. We were going to come this week.

    Thank you and God Bless

  8. I see you have the food pantry, I am from Big Dog Ranch right down the street. We have a bunch of donated cleaning supplies that we can not use and I was wondering if you could use them for the families that need help. Please let me know. We also have dog food that can be given to families that are struggling, please let me know if these are some things that you can use.
    Carla Knapik
    Volunteer Manager
    Big Dog Ranch Rescue

    1. Hi Carla, thanks so much for reaching out! I’ve forwarded your message on to the leaders of our Food Pantry and they’ll get back to you as to whether or not we could use those items. Thanks again!

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