Creative Arts

Through the Arts we strive to create environments that are


We desire to create an ENGAGING ENVIRONMENT where people can connect with God and with followers of Jesus. Whether they are people who have been a part of church for 20 years or 20 minutes, we desire to stretch out our arms wide and ENGAGE EVERYONE.


We desire to be a conduit of God’s POWER to our community. We are not the source of the power but we are called to connect people with His power! God will be present at every single one of our services. (Matt 18:20) Our challenge is not getting God to show up…it’s to lead people to a place of surrender, a place of revelation, a place of connection with God.


We desire to present GOD’S STORY in the most INTERESTING way possible. We have to stay fresh and relevant to both disinterested people and interested people. The methods will change but the message is timeless. We are not interested in the latest trends as much as we are interested in helping people experience God. We cannot force it on people but we can certainly make it interesting and hard to resist.


We want the experience of a worship service to go beyond the few moments we spend together. We try to put handles on the truth of God’s word so that people can grasp what God is saying to them. Even greater than that, we want to make the message portable for our congregation to carry outside the four walls of the church to their families, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Creative Arts Training Videos

Here are some helpful videos for those currently serving in Creative Arts
or Interested in Serving in Creative Arts.

Planning Center

We use Planning Center Online for all of our music and tech team volunteer scheduling, email/text communication, chord charts and music samples.

Click for more PCO Help!

Camera Basics

Our online video stream attendance has tripled over the last year! We need good camera operators to service this growing part of our church body.

Stage Monitor Mix

At COH we use the M-48 personal monitor mixer and in-ear headphones. The 2 videos in this playlist will help you master the personal monitor mixer.

Vocal Warmup

These videos will help you sing better! If you were to invest 15 minutes a day warm up your voice, you will also train your voice to operate more effectively.

Piano/Keyboard Resources

Ed Kerr’s website has a few print outs that can help master playing piano and/or keyboard in a worship band. Click Here!

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