Step 1

Want to join the Community of Hope Worship Ministry Team? Download the Audition Guide. It has everything you need to know to prepare for an audition and interview.

Step 2

Sing or Play or Sing and Play your best song and record it on video!! No longer than 3 minutes please. When you're done, click the Upload Here link. Please type your name and email address in the first box. Then click Choose File. Find your audition video and select it. Click Upload. You did it! Yay for you! One of our worship leaders will view it and will follow up with you within 2 weeks.

Step 3

Email us. Introduce yourself, let us know you sent a video and let us know some windows of time that you are available for an interview. In the interview, Billy or Keith will go over some of the material written in the Audition Guide, we may have you sing or play a little more and let you know how we feel about your readiness to join our team.

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  1. I thunk I’m a really good singer but I’m not good on stage I am ready for anything that comes to me and I really think this is for me!

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