Our Team


Dr. E Dale Locke

Founding & Lead Pastor

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Rev. Trevor Johnston

Associate Pastor

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Staff Directory

West Campus
Christine Carpenter

Director of Celebrate Recovery
  (561) 753-8883

Kathy Copan

Executive Director of Discipleship
  (561) 403-1652

Chadd Feyas

Assistant Director of Creative Arts
  (561) 797-1758

Danie Frandsen

Assistant Director of Student Ministries
   (561) 403-1656

Todd Krajewski

Executive Director of Church Administration
  (561) 403-1650

Billy Langley

Executive Director of Creative Arts
  (561) 403-1659

Beth Locke

Executive Director of Family Ministries
  (561) 403-1653

Dylan Maharrey

AV Tech Coordinator
  (561) 403-1664

Danny Moore

Facilities and Maintenance
  (561) 403-1661

Ron Manuel

Director of Security
  (561) 602-7959

Chris Miskura

Property & Maintenence Director
  (561) 403-1661

Cindy Nehemias

Discipleship Administrative Assistant
 (561) 753-8883

Sarah Parks

Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry
  (561) 753-8883

Sharon Pastore

Pastoral Administrative Assistant
  (561) 403-1646

Amy Schavolt

Family Ministry Assistant
 (561) 753-8883

Jessica Stafford

Director of Children’s Ministry
  (561) 403-1655

Eric Stewart

Director of Student Ministries
   (561) 403-1656

Shelly Weaver

Office Administrative Assistant
  (561) 403-1647

Rachel Wiseman

Office & Finance Manager
   (561) 403-1651

Bobby Zaleski

Campus Maintenence Coordinator
   (561) 403-1661

Staff Directory

East Campus
Kurtis Alva

Property and Maintenance Director
   (561) 812-8160

Ryan Arnst

Designer & Videographer
   (954) 675-4961

David Garcia

Event Operations Coordinator
  (561) 753-8883

Terri Gauger

Administrative Assistant
  (561) 965-4311

Jeff MacIntosh

Director of Pastoral Care
  (561) 965-4311

Jennifer MacIntosh

Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry
  (561) 965-4311

Dalia Paratore

Director of Missional Engagement
  (561) 965-4311

Steven Pippin

AV Tech Coordinator
  (561) 965-4311

Carol Roman

1st Impressions & Outreach
  (561) 965-4311

Ronald Whitlock

Facilities & Maintenence
  (561) 965-4311

Ed Witte

Assistant Director of Security
  (201) 317-2568


West Campus

At Community of Hope, our approach to leadership and church governance seeks to connect together the Administrative (business) side of the church, with the ministry (serving) side of the church to employ what we call a “discuss, discern, and decide” model of governance. While the ministry (serving) side of leadership includes representatives from every area of ministry and service within the church, the administrative leaders are listed below.

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