Rev. Trevor Johnston and Dr. E. Dale Locke
Sermon series:  The Naked Truth
Week 3:  Mail Dale

PDF file for printing: 02-24-18

Join your church family in memorizing 1 Corinthians 6:19-20:  Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.


Here are some of the Questions Pastor Dale responded to in the video.  Use this guide to help you discuss the questions out of this list that most apply to your group.    


  1. Why do you love doing Q&A’s?
  • Seeking to be a life-coach offering Scriptural wisdom for life in this world.
  • Want to be a church where people can be honest and get the information they are looking for – rather than assuming everyone already knows everything.


  1. Pre-Martial Sex, Singleness and Dating
  • How far is too far? Where is “the line”?
    • In Scripture, sexual intimacy is reserved for a one-man-one-woman marriage commitment.
    • It doesn’t seem wise to want to get as close to the line of danger that God lovingly offers us, knowing that God wants the best for us.
  • How do you find contentment in being single while you are praying and waiting for God to fulfill the desire you have for the Godly man or woman He has for you?  How do you handle the loneliness and pain of not having anyone, especially with God’s design for couples and being a couple-oriented world?
    • Wise single people are living life fully and investing in God’s Kingdom, even while they are hoping for God to bring them a spouse – rather than putting their life on pause until they get a spouse.
  • What parameters should I empower my accountability team with? Possibly name some specific questions they can ask me.
    • Every one of us who are following Christ needs to be part of a smaller group where we can welcome community and accountability into our lives.
    • All of us have temptations and regrets with respect to our sexuality. Here are some of the questions Pastor Dale’s accountability group asks each other:
      • Are you clean (in what you’re watching or looking at)?
      • Where does your mind wander?


  1. Marriage
  • My wife is more like my roommate now. How do I win back the rights to have sex with her?
    • Intimacy requires an emotional and relational investment.
    • With kids in the house, there’s an extra challenge to keep the relationship fresh. But it’s worth it to invest in your marriage.
    • Busyness at work can also make it a challenge to have the energy to invest in your relationship.
    • If you realize you’ve let your relationship grow cold, sit down in a blame-free, shame-free environment to talk about it as a couple, and perhaps ask a professional counselor to help you work through ideas of how to get close again.


  1. Kids and Sex Talks
  • How to have these conversations with kids – how? when?
    • Instead of just having one awkward, short talk with your kids, make it an ongoing conversation, sharing about sex and relationships little by little in age-appropriate ways – so that you create an atmosphere where your kids don’t feel like it’s weird for them to talk about this with you or ask you a question.


  1. Divorce
  • I am divorced. Sometimes scripture is very graceful around divorced people (John 4), and other times Jesus is pretty strict on it (Matthew 5). Can you help me navigate my relationship future?
    • Scripture is clear that God hates divorce.  But He doesn’t hate divorced people.  He hates divorce, because it is so damaging to people – and God loves people. One reason God forbids divorce was to protect and honor women, who – especially in biblical times – were very vulnerable and had few options to survive if their husband divorced them.
    • It is unwise to jump into marriage quickly or to jump out of it quickly.  As a Christ-follower, we should try everything we can to keep a marriage alive.
    • But if get a divorce, then do the work of forgiveness – letting go of grudges.
    • Accept God’s grace and forgiveness for you and move forward in the knowledge that you are forgiven, seeking to follow God in your present and future.  God never holds past sins over us as our identity.


  1. LGBT
  • I recently had a family member come out of the closet. How should I handle it?
    • Our church loves everybody, and everyone is welcome here.
    • Do all you can to show love to them and to have a good relationship with them.
    • Gay people generally do not choose or want to be gay.  It is usually a difficult path for them.  Many consider suicide.  So treat them with gentleness and love.
  • Can someone be gay and be a Christian?
    • Some within the gay Christian community feel that Scripture prohibits gay sexual practice, while others within the gay Christian community do not believe Scripture prohibits homosexual practice.  Community of Hope does not view “being gay” as a sin, however we do see Scripture as prohibitive of practicing gay sexuality.
    • Yes, you can be gay and be a Christian.  But a gay Christian should seek – like all of us – to live within the guidelines that our loving God gives us for how to do life.
  • Should I attend a gay wedding of a loved one?
    • This is personal decision.  However you choose to respond, lovingly explain to the person what you’re thinking is on this.  Seek to keep the relationship open.

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