Funerals, Counseling, Referrals


P erhaps one of the clearest moments when we need the ministry of the church is at the death of a friend or family member. In the first public sermon Jesus ever preached, he said: “God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted” (Matthew 5:4 NLT).

At Community of Hope, we are organized to help you in this important and difficult time. In addition to immediate help from our staff or our lay caregiving team, we encourage you to check out our 13-week grief-support group that we offer twice a year called “GriefShare”. Each meeting begins with a video geared toward helping you move through the grieving process and rebuild your life. For more information, please contact the office at (561) 753-8883.

Pastoral Care

O ne of the benefits of being part of a church family is that you can receive help and guidance from your church during some significant times of your life that are connected to your faith. At Community of Hope, we seek to provide easy access to receive help or participate in the following areas of pastoral care:

If pastoral ministry is needed for emergency situations outside of office hours, call 753-8883 x108. Our ministry staff serves on a weekly rotation to receive calls from this emergency line, in case someone from our church family is admitted to a hospital or if some other pastoral ministry might be required. This number can also be used to get urgent prayer requests out to our email prayer team at times when the office is closed.


A t Community of Hope, we believe that prayer is powerful and is the great privilege of every Christian. We also know that there are times when immediate and dedicated prayer should be offered to surround a particular time when care, guidance, comfort, or wisdom is needed. Here are some avenues for our people to receive prayer support.

1. To send a prayer request out to our Email Prayer Team, please click here. You can also write your prayer request on the Connect Card found in your Connect Folder and turn it in on Sunday, or you may call the church office with a request. (Please know that your request, in its entirety, will be sent via email to this team of dedicated prayer partners consisting of both staff and Community of members. Should you want your request to only go to the COH staff, or to a pastor, be sure to express this to the receptionist or on the request you fill out.)

2. We also welcome anyone to come to the benches at the front of our auditorium for prayer at the close of each worship service. You can pray on your own or with a member of our Altar Prayer Team about your response to the message or about any personal needs you wish to bring to the Lord.

Our Caregiving Team

T  he New Testament teaches that it’s not only pastors who can offer counsel and care, but God’s design is that we care for one another within the Body of Christ. So we have a group of lay people who have taken a 60-hour training course and have been commissioned as our Lay Caregiving Team. They are available to assist our ministry staff in dealing with emotional, relational, and spiritual needs within our congregation. If you wish to speak to someone from this team to help you gain a biblical perspective on issues or concerns you have, mark your Connect Card, or contact the church office at (561) 753-8883.

Hospital Visitation

I f you or a loved one are facing a hospital stay, or even outpatient surgery, Community of Hope has a team of people in the church who consider it their ministry to visit and pray for people in this situation. Should this situation occur in your life or in the life of someone you love, here’s what you can do:

During Normal Office Hours
During regular office hours, call the church office and report both the date and time of surgery, as well as the hospital or location for the procedure. The church office will communicate this information to the pastor and hospital visitation team. They will also ask your permission to appropriately share your need with our Email Prayer Team, who have committed to faithfully pray for these requests.

Emergencies/After Office Hours
If you have an emergency, or it is after regular office hours, you can reach a pastor by calling the church office and accessing the emergency line. Here’s what to do:

Call the church office at (561) 753-8883 ext. 108. The prompts will guide you through how to leave a message, which will be relayed to the pastor on call. Please listen to the prompts and follow the instructions to be sure that your message will be delivered. A pastor will return the call upon receiving the message.