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Unfortunately we had to cancel this event for this year due to Hurricane Irma. If you had registered, you will soon receive a full refund.


Understanding Your Teen

Friday, September 8 from 6:00pm-9:00pm Dinner included

Teenagers are growing up in a very different world than even the previous generation. They are in transition between childhood and adulthood. They are seeking autonomy and at the same time still quite dependent on their family. In this seminar we will explore “Who is that stranger in your house?” and talk about what they are going through in life. We will look at how to be a more effective parent and how to connect with our kids in this important stage in life.

This seminar won’t give you all the answers but will be a wonderful road map to help successfully guide your kids through the rough waters of adolescence. This seminar is perfect for parents of pre-teens, teens and even young adults.

Topics such as

Ending the homework hassle
Peer pressure
Rules and boundaries
Bringing out the best in our teens
Choosing which battles to fight
Raising teens to be responsible adults

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Confident Parenting

Saturday, September 9 from 9:00am-12:00pm Breakfast included

Most people parent their kids by circumstance and chance. This seminar offers a comprehensive approach to developing a healthy God-honoring parenting philosophy.

You will also learn a strategy to create a healthy family atmosphere. If you are at times humbled by the task of raising your kids to become responsible adults, then you will want to come. Whether you are a couple, a single parent, or a grandparent – this lively and informative seminar will encourage you and provide you with the help you need to become a confident parent. Parents can become more confident as they develop a healthy plan for the family.

Topics such as

Finding replenishment for overcrowded lives
Overcoming negative family patterns
Creating a grace-filled home
Communication with affection, warmth, & encouragement
Raising kids who love God

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    1. Hi Anita, correct, it is $25 per class. But if you attend both classes, there’s a $10 discount, so the total would be $40.

      In anticipation of Hurricane Irma, the conference may be delayed. We are tracking the storm and the decision will be made soon, so please stay tuned on our social media and website for updates.

    1. Hey Laura, unfortunately we have to cancel this event. If you had registered, you will receive a full refund soon.

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