Generation Change

Smarter Way for Teens to Learn Money Management Principles.

Thursdays, 7:00-8:45  starting 9/14

What is Generation Change?

Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruze’s all-new 9-week Bible study designed to lead teens to a better understanding of God, themselves and their money—and how it all works together. Students are equipped with biblical principles to BE who God created them to be, DO more with their money, and GO out into the world ready to write their story. Lesson videos, along with engaging hands-on activities, will bring new biblical and financial truths to this generation, making them a generation of change.

The time for change is now!

Today, our kids are hit from all sides with mixed messages about what’s important and what gives them value. It’s time to show this generation a new reality—one that’s founded on biblical principles, not the latest fad or pop sensation. It’s time to tear down the fake gloss of what society calls “success” and give our teens a true understanding of their value in Christ. It’s time for Generation Change!

Registration is $30/student. Includes book material and class.

Register today!

4 Comments on “Generation Change”

  1. Hi there,
    My son Ben just started at the student groups on Wed. He’s in 6th gd. I’ve taken the Dave Ramsey class and would like Ben to take as well. 2 ?: is the current class closed? Is this something your church will do yearly?

    1. Hi Karen, we are currently on week 3 of Generation Change, so registration is currently closed. We offer Generation Change twice a year, but the date for the start of the next class has not been determined yet.

  2. My daughter is 18 and I would like her and her boyfriend to go through this class. My husband and I have taken the class with Dave Ramsey and I hope this will help them become better stewards of their money. Please let me know when it is offered again.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Roberta,
      Generation Change is really more for middle school and early high school kids. I would recommend that an 18-year old take the regular Financial Peace University class instead. We will offer the next one in January. Since you have already taken FPU, your daughter can attend for free and simply bring your materials, so only her boyfriend will need to pay the class fee to Dave Ramsey. (The class fee includes a lifetime family membership – meaning you and your family can take any FPU class anywhere in the country any time.)
      Hope that helps!
      Kathy Copan

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