Loving, Learning, Leading

T he Lead Team is the highest team of lay-leadership at Community of Hope.  It is a representational group of people who leads, discerns, and decides. We are seeking God’s will over what is best for Community of Hope, not just our own preferences.  The decisions of the Lead Team will always line up around the COH mission, the COH vision, the COH strategy and statements. The Lead Team meets once a month.

The work of the Lead Team primarily consists of the following things:

  1. Denominational Responsibilities
  2. Protecting the mission, vision, strategy and statements of Community of Hope
  3. Providing the accountability for appointed clergy
  4. Removing growth barriers
  5. Creating growth engines
  6. Discern God’s direction for our church

The Lead Team consists of

  • Lead Pastor – Dr. E. Dale Locke
  • Associate Pastor – Rev. Trevor Johnston
  • Lead Team Chair – Jim Feyas
  • John Andrews
  • Julie Classen
  • Art Kite
  • Todd Krajewski
  • Kenny Steckly
  • Kyle Weaver
  • Grant Wilson

We are currently NOT receiving applications
for the LEAD Team.

Thank you for your interest and your desire to become a member of the Lead Team at Community of Hope. It is important at Community of Hope for our leaders to support and live out the specific priorities of our fellowship. Leaders are a model to others and as such are responsible to make a special effort to pursue the goals for which all Christ followers are called to live, as well as the goals which our fellowship holds up as priorities.
Prayerfully, please complete all questions on this application form, answering each question honestly before the Lord. Before completing this form please take time to read: 1 Timothy 3:1-3, Titus 1:6-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-10, where the bible outlines qualifications for church leaders.

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1. Describe your faith journey. Include how and when you came to faith in Christ and how your life is different because of knowing and following Christ.:

2. Tell us about your current personal practice of Bible reading and prayer?:

3. What Community Of Hope Small Group are you a participating member of?:

4. How often do you attend Community of Hope Sunday morning worship services?:

5. Please describe your biblical understanding of tithing. What is your current financial giving practice to Community of Hope?:

6. Do you fully support the Community of Hope Mission statement, our Pastors, our senior leadership team, our staff and our form of church government? Why or why not?:

7. Explain which Community of Hope ministries you currently serve in, how long you have served and where you have served at COH in the past?

8. If you have served in the leadership of any church in the past, describe what your role was?:

9. Do you believe you can commit the time required to effectively serve on the LEAD Team and still fulfill your other responsibilities well at this time in your life (job, family, etc,)? Explain.:

10. If you are married, is your spouse supportive of you serving on the LEAD Team? Why or why not?:

11. Explain why you would like to serve on Community of Hope LEAD Team?:

Please mark the following statements ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If you mark any as ‘No’ please provide an explanation.

12. I have been a member of COH for at least one year:

13. I have read and agree with COH Statement of Faith:

14. I am living within God’s standards for sexuality, which include having no sexual relations outside the boundaries of a marriage relationship and avoid pornography in all of its forms:

15. I do not misuse alcohol, drugs or other addictive substances:

16.I am not violent or abusive. I am able to control my temper:

17. I am not negative, pessimistic or cynical; but have strong faith in God’s power to work supernaturally:

18. I have a teachable, humble spirit. I am not set in my ways, but am open to listen to and learn from others. I allow others to speak into my life:

19. I certify I have answered all questions honestly before the Lord and desire to be considered for the LEAD Team of Community of Hope Church:

Explanation for statements marked "no":

Please fill out the background check form and turn it into the church office to be considered for the LEAD team.

Permission to Obtain a Background Check